Koraput one of the most beautiful place in the sate of Odisha ,India. The district is known for the heavenly beauty of nature surrounded by flora and fauna and also called as heaven on Earth. People who are in search of an adventure tour, exploring the Mountains and Waterfalls for Trekking and Hiking. Koraput is the best place for them.

Where is Koraput ?

Koraput is located in the green valley contemplating immaculate freshness and was established on 1st April 1936. Decorated by Forests, Waterfalls, terraced Valleys and Darting Springs, the District draws the nature-loving people. The Koraput District lies at 17.4 degrees to 20.7 degrees north latitude and 81.24 degrees to 84.2 degrees east longitude. The Koraput is bounded by Rayagada in the east, Bastar District of Chhattisgarh in the west and Nabarangpur District in the south.

Ancient History of Koraput

Koraput district was ruled by several dynasties such as Satavahanas, Ikshvakus, Nalas, Ganga kings and kings of Surya vans. In ancient times when the Nalas ruled this tract with Pushkari near modern Umarkote was their capital city. In the medieval period, Nandapur developed as the capital under the Silavamsi kings and after them under the kings of the solar dynasty. Viravikrama Deo of the solar dynasty shifted his capital to Jeypore about the middle of the 17th century and developed into a prospered town.As far as the history of the District is concerned, the region of Koraput existed far back in the 3rd century BC when it belonged to the valiant and dreaded Atavika people, the Koraput became a District in the year 1936.In October 1992, erstwhile Koraput district was divided, resulting in the creation of Malkangiri, Rayagada and Nabarangpur district along with present Koraput district.

Places to visit in Koraput

More than 50+ tribal communities are living in forest areas of Koraput. Every year thousands of tourists from different countries and different states of India are traveling to Koraput to explore this place. Foreigners are traveling to Koraput only to explore the Tribal community and Medication plants.

Being at the heart of tribal belt in South Odisha, it has also many hill stations ,historical places and 50+ visiting sites , I will be describing one on one by categories Like Historical places , Temples, Mountains for Trekking , Hiking, Night Camping, Tribal market ,Landscape and Beautiful tribal villages. 

Temple, Cave and Historical Places to visit in Koraput


Raja cave and Balmiki Ashram in other name know as Kapat Parbat. It is believed the ancestor of Balmiki resides in this site situated on the bank of river Machakund and the river dividing border of Odisha & Andra Pradesh. It is a scenic spot & best place for trekking in Nandapur block for Eco & Cave tourism. Akhayaturtiya is the main festival of this site.


The ancient capital of Jeypore Kingdom Nandapur is famous for the presence of Batrisa Sinhasana. It is a 32 step well-preserved relic linked with the fabled throne of Vikramaditya. The arresting red image as a six-feet Ganesha and the shrine of Bhairavnath and other monuments of great antiquity.


It is a roadside village 16 Kms from Sunabeda and 34 Kms away from Koraput has the relics of a Jain monastery, containing rare images of the Tirthankaras.


It is the city of victory is the largest town in the district and home to the royal family is steeped in history. The old fort is encircled by a high masonany wall with an imposing gateway. Towards the eastern part of the town is a big tank called Jagannath Sagar attracts water sports.


 Kutuni Padar Shiv Temple aka Mukteswar & Tarini Temple aka “Kotilingeshwara Temple of Koraput”. Kutuni Padar is situated in Laxmipur block of Koraput district . Cores of Shiva Lingas have already been surfaced on the mountain popularly called as “Koti Shiv linga parvat”. This is the only temple where Lord Shiva called as “Mukteswar”& goddess Parvati called as Maa Tarini are worshiped together


Maa kanta baunsuni Temple is situated in Damanjodi 36km away from koraput .The main festival celebrate here is Kanta Baunsuni Jatra.


World’s Second tallest Hanuman Statue that stands at 108.9 feet(33.1 meters) located at NALCO township, Damanjodi, Koraput.


Koraput is mostly famous for its Jagannath Temple which is also known as Sabara Srikhetra. Srikhetra is normally referred to as Puri Jagannath, but the unique identity of the Koraput temple is because no section of society is barred entry.


A small village Dumuriput is located between Koraput and Sunabeda by NH-26. The famous Sri Ram Temple situated in the locality is widely known for the highest kneeling Hanuman Statue in Odisha. Ram Navami festival is popularly celebrated every year which attracts a large number of devotees.


Gupteswar is a cave temple located on the banks of Kolab River, about 80 km from Koraput. Important cave shrine of Lord Shiva situated on a lime stone hill amidst scenic bliss. The temple houses a sacred Swayambhu Shivling called Gupteswar, which literally means the Hidden God.


Balda Cave situated 66 Kms away from Koraput. Surrounding with natural beauty. The top of the mountain plateau is flat one. 05 nos of football matches can be played at a time. The Jalaput reservoir from this plateau is enchanting one. Donger Dei is the main deity of the cave worship by the local people during Chaitra Festival. It is best place for trekking and place for nature lover.


Duduma waterfall is one of the most significant waterfalls in Odisha. The 3rd highest waterfall (547 ft.) in Odisha after Barehipani waterfall and Khandadhar waterfall. Machkund River forms this waterfall; A 120 MW, Hydropower plant project is going on. 

A perfect place for nature lovers and people looking for a picnic starts exploring this place. You can find many Tribal cultural people at this place. Mostly Bonda and Adibasi people are living in the Machkund area.


You may travel to a lot of waterfall in your locality, but Punjisil Waterfall is one of the most famous waterfalls for travelers. This waterfall is located in Koraput district and 25 KM far from the Koraput Town. Punjisil is a village located in Dasmantapur Block, Koraput. A perfect picnic place for all the travelers to start exploring this waterfall. 


Rani Duduma is a beautiful waterfall in Koraput District. This waterfall is around 45 KM from Koraput town and 11 KM from the Nandpur location. 

After ruling the Nanda Dynasty of Magadha, this place is popularly known as Nandpur, and this waterfall is named Rani Duduma Waterfall. History says, Nanda dynasty is staying at this place.

Kolab Dam & Botanical Garden

Kolab Dam is a famous attraction place in Jeypore. The botanical garden placed beside the Kolab reservoir is a major tourist place in Koraput. Tourists come to this place for picnics and boating.A huge water reservoir is top of the hill known as Upper Kolab with a 4 x 80 MW Hydropower plant project is going on Kolab Hydro Electric Project.


Jalaput Dam is a hydroelectric dam located near Jalaput village in Koraput district of Odisha, India. Dam is built on the Machkund River, a tributary of the Godavari River which rises in the Mudugal hills. Jalaput is a border village between Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. One bridge distinguishes between the two states. Both side of bridge are known as LF (Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam district) and RF (Odisha, Koraput district). Earlier to formation of the jalaput dam it was known as Tentaput. Located at approx 166km from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.


Bari waterfall is located near Bari village in the Koraput district 43km from Damanjodi. There are two waterfall one is Bari and another one in Lodha . the two waterfall are on the borderline of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha, and it is 65km from Koraput town. The height of the waterfall is around 300 feet and also one of the highest waterfall in Odisha .


Talamiting waterfall is situated in talamiting village which is 28km distance from sub district Headquarter Kakiriguma and 50km distance from District Headquarter Koraput. Nearest statutory is Rayagada in 58km distance. The waterfall is one of the best place to take swimming and popularly known as natural infinity pool of Koraput. 


Galigabdar waterfall is situated at the foothills of Deomali, 11km from Pottangi and 55km from Koraput town. The water of this GALIGABDAR waterfall flows through the springs from the top of the hills. There is good connectivity to this place. This place is one of the popular picnic spot of Koraput district.


The Gulmi waterfall is also one of the best tourist place in Koraput, Odisha. 100km away from district Headquarter Koraput and 25km from Chandeli. the waterfall is situated bordering Chhattisgarh, the Kolab River forming a whirlpool at Gulmi amidst serenity can stun you to surreal world. 


Kechala Dam is situated in the sourthen bank of Kolab at a distance of 10 Kms away from Koraput. There is a copper plate starting the fact that the village had been granted to one Narasingha Mishra. On the occasion of the Solar eclipse 24 September 1620 by Maharaja Krishna Dev. There is a Jain temple about 30 ft. high contains 05 images of thirthankars namely Resavanath, Mahavir Jain, Ambika Devi, Jakhya & Jakhyani. The images are chiseled with great care and achieve high standard of art which indicates the Kechela was a seat of Jainaism in the medieval period. Kechala is also one of the tourist place in Koraput district, Odisha.


The Bagra Waterfall near Jeypore is one of the most exotic waterfall in Orissa. The waterfall is situated at Jeypore in Koraput district of Odisha, India. It is  located about 9 km distance from Jeypore and 15 km from Koraput town. The scenic beauty of the place is attractive for waterfalls.


Pakjola waterfall is located near pakjola village  in Semiliguda Tehsil at Koraput District of Odisha State, India. It is located 31 KM towards South from District head quarters Koraput. 425 KM from State capital Bhubaneswar. This Place is in the border of the Koraput District and Visakhapatanam District. Visakhapatanam District Araku Valley is South towards this place . It is near to the Andhra Pradesh State Border. This is also a famous picnic spot for local people.


Dudhari village is located in Similiguda tehsil of Koraput district in Odisha, India. It is situated 10km away from sub-district headquarter Semiliguda (tehsildar office) and 32km away from district headquarter Koraput. Dudhari waterfall is famous picnic spot of Koraput district and also best place for swimming.



Deomali Peak, with an elevation of about 1,672 m, is the highest peak in the state of Odisha. It is situated near Doodhari village, Pottangi Panchayat division which is about 70  km from Koraput via Semiliguda. It is surrounded by deep green forest, the peak is rich in flora and fauna. It is not only a marvel for the tourists but also to the adventurous sports lovers for hang gliding, night camping, mountaineering and trekking. 


Turia konda is the 2nd Highest Peak of Odisha having an elevation of 5240ft. Most of you would be confused with Mahendragiri as the 2nd highest. But it is the 7th highest.To reach this place- First you have travel to Galigabadar View point, Pottangi and then to Galigavaderu Village. You can park your vehicles there at a shop and keeping your riding gears/helmets , etc. You can hire a local guy there so that they could guide you to the base or can navigate you the shortcut. This place is best for trekking, hiking and you will see some awesome breathtaking views. 


Girli Mali mountain is situated in PUTSIL VILLAGE . It is located 31 KM towards South from District head quarters Koraput. 425 KM from State capital Bhubaneswar.This Place is in the border of the Koraput District and Visakhapatanam District. Visakhapatanam District Araku Valley is South towards this place . It is near to the Andhra Pradesh State Border. The sunrise and sunset view from Girli Mali mountain is just surreal .


Talamali of Putsil, one of the main attractions of Koraput now a days. this is the best place for night camping with beautiful sunset and sunrise view at morning the area is surrounded by many mountains like deomali , Talamali and girlimali . Talamali is also best place for those who don’t want to do trekking but want to enjoy the beauty of mountains and night camp.


Kalia Mali (1 548m/5 079ft a.s.l.) is a mountain in the Eastern Ghats in India. The prominence is 399m/1 309ft. By elevation Kalia Mali is The 4th highest peak of Odisha and best place for mountaineering, trekking and night camping ,also the best place to enjoy the night camping with star, sunrise and sunset view at its best. This place is best for adventure lovers



03 Kms away from the Duduma water fall, a small village called Onukadelli drawn the attraction of foreign tourists to its weekly market day on Thursday where the Neolithic tribe Bonda come from inaccessible forest for better purposes. It is 90 Kms away from Koraput.


Find the tribal culture of Koraput in the Tribal Museum. The Tribal Museum is set to preserve the cultural heritage and local tribe products such as arts, crafts, dances, and music.

This museum has a collection of weapons, tools, clothes, ornaments, and the local tribal people’s wooden products. Outsiders are always exploring a new place to get the right details, and finding Tribe culture in one place attracts specifically Foreign visitors.


Bijaghati village is located in Narayanpatana tehsil of Koraput district in Odisha, India. It is situated 110km away from sub-district headquarter Narayanpatana (tehsildar office) and 110km away from district headquarter Koraput, you will enjoy the breathtaking mesmerism landscapes in this village.


With the beauty of Koraput landscape and mesmerizing mountain pine tree forest are the add on . You can do photoshoot or video shoot over here and spend some quality time with friends and loved one.


Now adays Koraput is becoming popular in coffee plantation and why not there are several coffee brands like DREAM HILL COFFEE , KORAPUT COFFEE and many other coffee brands are producing good quality of coffees and if you are planning to visit Koraput you must definitely make time and explore the farm you will enjoy the day with out any boredom and will get to know more about the production of coffee.

The coffee plantation started here by the King of Koraput Rajbahadur Rama Chandra Deo in the 1930s although it did not become commercially viable. Since the 1960s the Odisha government has stepped up efforts for the same but only in recent years they have got the branding right and it is now described as “100% Arabica premium roasted filter coffee”. Currently, it is a joint venture between the Coffee Board of India and the Tribal Development Cooperative Corporation of Odisha Limited (TDCCOL).

Apart from this there are also other major tourist places in Koraput District Like MALIGUDA RAILWAY TURNNEL , MALIGUDA WATERFALL, JAGARNATH SAGAR and also neighbors state places which is very nearby to Koraput district Like CHITRAKUD , TIRATHGAD and ARAKU VALLEY. 



The best time to visit this place is during winters. What better way to experience this place other than a heart-warming picnic with your family. You can spend quality time with your family or your loved ones surrounded by the elegant mountains in a lush green and misty valley. This is one of the best spots for a touristy picnic in Odisha



If you are not much of a trekking enthusiast, you may even explore the valley on a bicycle or a two-wheeler. It can be a part of a wonderful nature retreat experience that can be added to your list of expeditions.


So why are you waiting for? Leave from work and explore the tourist places in Koraput. If you are planning to book a Koraput Tour plan you trip with THE WORLD OF KORAPUT  for affordable and best experience.

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